Midjourney Zoom feature AI text-to-image

New Features: Lets explore Midjourney v5.2

Midjourney has made some major improvements.

Here are the highlights from the recent Midjourney Discord announcement.

New Quality of Life Improvements

  • There's a new ``Imagine All`` button for ``/describe`` jobs that renders all 4 descriptions at once
  • There are new args for ``--fast`` and ``--relax`` so you can set specific jobs to fast or relax mode without having to use ``/relax`` or ``/fast``
  • ``--seed`` should now be consistent between fast/relax mode
  • ``--video`` should work now for V5 and niji5 models (including outpaints)

Quick Notes about V5.2

  • We're seeing a lot of people have a hard time porting V5.0/V5.1 prompts to V5.2 if they're using high ``--stylize`` values. If you used --stylize in V4/V5.0/V5.1 you may need to re-adjust your numbers for V5.2, Try reducing it by much as 5x. Meaning ``--stylize 1000`` V5/V5.1 should be a ``--stylize 200`` prompt for V5.2
  • ``Custom Zoom`` (under all upscales) lets you actually 'change' your prompt for the zoomout, this means you can change the environment completely when you zoom and it's pretty cool, try it out!

MidJourney V5.2

Here are some Gifs we created of the new Midjourney V5 zoom feature in action:

Midjourney Zoom feature AI text-to-image

Midjourney version 5.2 Max zoom style very high