How ChatGPT Actually Works – AI Luminary Steve Wolfram Shows Us

ChatGPT is Quite Remarkable

The Technology Behind OpenAI's ChatGPT is Quite Remarkable, and it is only getting better. New AI technology aside we want to know how ChatGPT really works?

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What ChatGPT is Trying To Do

AI scientist and respected Mathematician Stephen Wolfram writes that what ChatGPT is trying to do is to produce a "reasonable continuation" of whatever text it has so far. It does this by scanning billions of pages of human-written text to find what words people typically use next. It then produces a ranked list of words that might follow, together with probabilities. This is how ChatGPT actually works.

ChatGPT Does Not Always Choose the Highest-ranked Word

What makes ChatGPT stand out is that it does not always choose the highest-ranked word to add to the essay it is writing. Instead, it will sometimes (seemingly at random) pick lower-ranked words, which produces a "more interesting" essay. Steve notes that there is no "theory" behind this phenomenon; it is simply a matter of what has been found to work in practice.

Teperature - The randomness of Chatbot Word Selection

Steve's article also explains the concept of "temperature" and how it affects the randomness of word selection in ChatGPT. Overall, the technology behind ChatGPT is complex, but the author of this article has broken down the somewhat confusing big picture of what is going on, making it easier for the layperson who is new to Artificial Intelligence to understand.

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