Midjourney version 5.2 Max zoom style very high

Beating Firefly? Midjourney v5.2 - Shiny new ZOOM feature.

Beating Firefly With Midjourney v5.2

AI-assisted art is becoming a seriously competitive business landscape. New features for Ai-generated platforms are being released so fast it can be hard to keep up to date. Lets look at one of the latest advancements from Midjourney version 5.2

Beating Firefly? Midjourney v5.2

Industry insiders like Adobe have been pouring money into development of their Firefly AI, but try as they might they still seem to be lagging behind when compared to The latest version of Midjourney.

Midjourney V5.2 now has a very impressive zoom feature built-in. This feature functions much like Fireflies 'fill' feature. The Midjourney zoom allows you to pan out from your image and expand the background, or complete a picture that has cropped off part of the subjects head or body. This new feature is very useful, as it helps refine incomplete images into great compositions.

Midjourney version 5.2 Max zoom style very high


Lets Look at Some Examples of Midjourney Zoom

We have developed some sample illustrations so you can see how the new Midjourney v5.2 zoom feature works.

To get started with this new feature we suggest you change your rendering settings. make sure you are using Version 5.2 in the settings panel.

Discord Midjourney style high

Adjust Your Style Setting

Next you will want to adjust your Style setting. You have four options low, medium, high, and very high. Low will set style to 50 or --s 50, very high will set style to 750 or --s 750. You can alternately adjust this style setting from 0 to 1000 manually in the prompt.

We suggest lower style settings if you want better continuity, like blowing up a wildlife photograph for example. Use higher settings if you want more surreal or abstract designs.

We will use the following Midjourney prompt: Squirrel headshot, park. tree, nut. --s50

Midjourney will sometimes render the nut or sometimes go sans nuts like we have this time. Looks like our squirrel is thinking about Nutella though.

AI PIE.com Squirrel headshot park. tree nut close

Lets have a look at how the Midjourney AI handles our little squirrel when zooming out.

AI PIE.com Squirrel headshot park. tree nut one zoom out

Are these images Beating Firefly? Midjourney v5.2. The squirrel has a nice branch to peek over now, lets zoom out one more time at the lowest style setting and see what happens.

AI PIE.com Squirrel headshot park. tree nut two zoom out

Now we can see a lot more of the branch at this magnification level. There is no limit to how many times you may zoom out.

AI PIE.com Squirrel headshot park. tree nut three zoom out

Once the subject of the image prompt, in this case the squirrel, is too small then the AI will try to add a new one as we see with one more zoom.

AI PIE.com Squirrel headshot park. tree nut four zoom out

You can see how Midjourney Version 5.2 interprets this prompt while it is generating the zooming effect. Lets do one more zoom out.AI PIE.com Squirrel headshot park. tree nut five zoom out

This series of squirrel photos should give a feel for how Midjourney V5.2 zooming works with low stylization set.

For higher style settings you should check out the animations with this article

Ability for Creatives to Zoom Out of Photos in Midjourney

The ability for creatives to zoom out of photos is a very powerful new tool. You can always shrink an image by simply cropping the picture, but now you can 'crop' outwards with generative-AI and the zoom feature that is included in Midjourney.

The generative-AI from OpenAI DallE has an out painting feature that is similar to the Midjourney zoom and it can work very well in some situations so this is not a replacement for other tools just a very handy upgrade that allows better image development on Midjourney. The limitation of the Midjourney zoom is this, it can only zoom out on images created by Midjourney so you cant blow up pictures that you make with other software.

Artist Illustration Style Prompts for Midjourney