artificial intelligence copyright comic book author case law Midjourney

Facts You Need to Know About Midjourney Copyright


artificial intelligence copyright comic book author case law Midjourney

Midjourney Copyright Policy


If you're using Midjourney's AI art platform, it's important to know about Midjourney copyright policy. This policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of both non-paying and paying users, and provides guidance on how to use AI-generated art in a way that complies with the law. Here's a breakdown of the key points to keep in mind:

  • Non-paying users:
    Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 asset license Use images for personal projects Must give visible attribution
  • Paying users:
    Classified as "owners" of assets they create Can use assets for commercial purposes
    Important to note:
    Despite owning images, Midjourney's terms also allow others to use public images.

Who Has the Right to Control and Profit from AI Art

This difference in copyright law has important implications for the future of AI art, as it affects who has the right to control and profit from these pieces. It also raises questions about the ethics of attributing authorship to an AI system and whether AI-generated art should be considered a legitimate form of artistic expression.

You Should Know About Midjourney Copyright

As the use of AI in the creation of art continues to grow, it's important to understand how different countries approach copyright laws and what that means for the future of AI art. While there is still much to be determined in this field, one thing is certain: the conversation about AI-generated art and copyright law is only just beginning.

NOTICE: This article is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.