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Better Scaling Image Quality and Aspect Ratio Support โ€“ Midjourney Announcement

From Midjourney Discord Announcement channel: Model improvements.

- Increase to maximum aspect ratios - 2:1 or 1:2 (both landscape and portrait)
- Any aspect ratio is now supported from square to 2:1
- Improved the composition and quality with wide aspect ratio images
- These changes are live for both --version 4 and --niji style settings.

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a step in the right direction when scaling image quality

If you like to do higher resolution non-square images on Midjourney like me, then this announcement is a step in the right direction when scaling image quality. Previously 16:9 ratios were not possible while using the niji style setting or on v4. With the introduction of this model improvement you can do 16:9 ratios (note, it rounds to a resolution divisible by 32 pixels)

advances in image quality

I look forward to seeing more advances in scaling image quality and ratios moving forward, Thanks to the crew over at Midjourney for developing such a great piece of AI software.