List of Illustrator Prompt Styles

Text-to-image Generative AI has made rapid advancements in recent years. To help new prompt engineers write better prompts, we have commissioned this list of illustrator prompt styles. These prompting styles are known to work in Midjourney on version 4. Many of these artist styles will work on other generative-ai platforms as well.

Text to Image Prompt Lists

List of Artist Illustration Styles Starting with Aaron Douglas

List of Artist Illustration Styles From Becky Coonan to David Finch

List of Artist Illustration Styles From David Shrigley to Gregory Manchess

List of Artist Illustration Styles From Greg Rutkowski to John Bauer

List of Artist Illustration Styles From John Blanche to Marjane Satrapi

List of Artist Illustration Styles From Philippe Druillet to Simon Bisley

List of Artist Illustration Styles From Sophie Blackall to Travis Charest


Prompt: Illustration in the style of 'ARTIST'


prompt illustration in the style of discord midjourney 1


Here is a list of some popular prompting styles:


Descriptive Prompting: This style involves providing a detailed textual description of the scene or object to be generated. The AI model uses this description to create a corresponding image.

Keyword Prompting: This style uses specific keywords or tags related to the desired image. The AI model generates an image based on these keywords, offering more flexibility in the generated content.

Story-based Prompting: In this style, the AI model is given a narrative or story as input. The model generates an image that visually represents a scene or element from the story.

Abstract Prompting: This style provides the AI model with abstract concepts, emotions, or ideas to generate an image. The resulting image may be open to interpretation and showcase unique artistic expressions.

Guided Prompting: In this style, the user provides not only the description but also specific guidelines, such as color schemes, perspective, or layout, for the AI model to follow when generating the image.

Sequential Prompting: This style involves generating a series of images based on a sequence of prompts. The AI model creates a visual narrative or a set of related images, such as frames in a comic strip or storyboard.

Combined Prompting: This style merges multiple prompting styles to create complex or multi-layered images. The AI model may be given a combination of descriptive, keyword, and abstract prompts to generate a visually rich and detailed image.

These text-to-image prompting styles can be used individually or combined to create diverse, imaginative, and engaging visuals using generative AI applications. As Artificial Intelligence continues to improve, we can expect even more creative and sophisticated prompting styles to emerge, enabling artists and designers to explore new dimensions in visual storytelling.